Thursday, 18 September 2014


We would like to welcome you to an experience like no other! So bem-vindo to the EVS experience!

Fist of all EVS stands for European Voluntary Service and now it's under the umbrella of  Erasmus+ programme. It offers young Europeans (ages: 18 to 30) the chance to make a real difference to the world and to their own lives - through the European Voluntary Service.

The European Voluntary Service (EVS) provides young people with the unique chance to express their personal commitment through unpaid and full-time voluntary activities in a foreign country within or outside the EU. In this way, it seeks to develop solidarity, mutual understanding and tolerance among young people, thus contributing to reinforcing social cohesion in the European Union and to promoting young people's active citizenship.

European Voluntary Service (EVS) is the European Commission's project that allows a young person (18–30 years) to become a volunteer in another country for a specified period, normally between 2–12 months. The service activities can be, for example,in the field of environment, arts and culture, activities with children, young people or the elderly, heritage or sports and leisure activities. Each project has three partners, a volunteer, a sending organisation and a host organisation. The project has to take place in a country other than where the volunteers lives, is non-profit-making and unpaid and lasts for a limited period (maximum 12 months).

According to the official EU page volunteers learning experience is formally recognized through a Youthpass. Participation is free for the volunteers (with the exception of a possible contribution for travel costs) who also get board and lodging, insurance cover and an allowance for the duration of the project. (source:

For entry in this program, you need be part of an organization which you can find in your country, and then, they will inform you about the project that orther countries want to do.

If you are interested in a project, you must write your "motivation letter" (in English) and send to the organization that offers the project.

It is a really great experience where you can meet a lot of people from differents countries, live with them and have a good time with them and with your organization as well.

If you are interested in this program and you want to have new experience, you want to spend some time out of your country, you can check our F.A.Q and if something is left unanswered you can just click on contact us and send us an email or just leave a comment!